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Make your voice sound like a robot or other odd beast. Add a vibrato effect, use the 'pitch'-buttons and make your voice sound lower or higher.

This nifty minikit has a built-in microphone and a power amplifier with volume control. All you need to add is a speaker of 4 to 32Ohm (max. 1,5 W) like the (not included). Works on an optional external power adapter 9VDC / 300 mA or a standard 9V battery (not included).


  • make your voice sound like a robot
  • vibrato effect
  • use the 'pitch'-buttons and make your voice sound lower or higher
  • built-in microphone
  • power amplifier with volume control
  • on/off switch
  • speaker needed (not included)


  • speaker/line output: compatible with speakers of 4 to 32Ohm (max. 1,5 W) like the (not included)
  • max. output power: 1.5 W (4 ohm)
  • power supply: 9Vdc / 300mA
  • dimensions: 3 x 1.8"

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