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This set includes all necessary tools to start soldering, plus two festive minikits to put your skills to the test.

The basic tools for soldering are a soldering iron (obviously!) and a support so you don't burn your table. We also included lead-free solder which is pretty easy to work with and its fumes are not harmful! Lastly, you'll need some side cutters to trim the component's leads.

The first minikit is the electronic candle, it has a warm yellow LED that mimics a real candle! This little solder kit only has 6 components to solder, which makes it the ideal starter kit.

Then it's time to expand your skills with the original electronic Christmas tree kit. Solder more advanced components and a whopping 16 red LEDs.

Each kit is accompanied by an illustrated and comprehensive manual to make sure that anyone can master the art of soldering.

Good luck! And don't forget to share your projects on social media with #VellemanProjects.


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